MDB Explorer        
Version 22.0.1        
SVN revision 724070

Main Database Explorer

How to download and run MDB Explorer:

  • Download JAR file
  • Execute: java -jar MDBExplorerStandalone.jar

Additionally the tool can be used with a different Gaia Data Model than default:

  • java -cp GaiaDataModel-XXX.jar:MDBExplorerStandalone.jar gaia.cu1.maindb.dbexplorer.progs.ExplorerApplication

Or just opening a user GBin file:

  • java -jar MDBExplorerStandalone.jar -d UserFile.gbin
More help on using the MDB Explorer with different data models

Main Database Timeline Tool

The MDB Timeline Tool has moved to a new home.


  • User Manual
  • Please report any problems or requests for new functionality in JIRA under "CU1 MDB Data Explorer"
  • For support and questions, contact the Gaia DPCE Helpdesk